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Music for Every Child

"Soundbops is the ideal musical learning instrument for young children."

Richard McCready

Music for Every Child

Music is incredibly beneficial for young children but how it is traditionally taught often makes it inaccessible. Our mission is to enable all children to have a musical future. 

We are a team of expert musicians, educators and designers, all with a life long passion for music.

Backed by years of testing, we are confident our innovative instrument, lessons, and educational resources will empower you to engage children with music confidently.

Give your Pupils the Benefits of Music

Ensure your pupils are given the opportunity to express themselves, experiment with sound, and take the first few steps on their musical journey!


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Technology Institute for Music Educators, Teacher of the Year

Includes resources transferable to other areas of the curriculum, including communication and language, physical development, and emotional development.

Cross Ciricular

Designed for the early phases of dexterity and cognitive development. Build, explore, and reimagine music with 10 instrument sounds! 

Unique Instrument Designed for Children

Our colour-coded sheet music allows children to learn, playing popular songs from Elton John to Lewis Capaldi!

Real Songs with Simplified Notation

Play-led and non-prescriptive activities aligned to child development guidelines. Complete with learning intentions, success criteria, and outcomes.

Resources Aligned with Child Development Guidelines


Children are able to play and engage with music within seconds!

Loved by Children and Practitioners

Extensive Support and Resources

Transition to Traditional Instruments

Soundbops teaches music fundamentals such as notes and chords to build confidence and music understanding to enable the transition onto any instrument.

Support from Music and Education Experts

Our music and education experts are available to provide support whenever you need it, and help facilitate music in your class.

Building a Community of Educators

Signing up with Soundbops means you will have access to our ongoing research into early years music, content updates, and spaces where you can meet other educators excited about reimagining teaching and working toward more inclusive education.

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